Chelsea Hubble

Chelsea Hubble

Digital Media Buyer

Chelsea Hubble has a natural talent for ushering people to an end goal. Whether that’s a complex email optimization campaign or multi-faceted digital media buy for one of the agency’s clients, Chelsea is the master of getting customers to convert. 

Most recently from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Chelsea has lived across the US, giving her a pulse on many DMAs across the country. That expertise has benefitted her past clients, which include Erlanger Health Systems, the Chattanooga Visitor’s Center, The Lineman College, and more. As a media buyer at the agency, her skills benefit all the agency’s clients, reinforcing our media department as it grows to meet the needs of our ever-growing client roster. 

When she’s not devising digital campaigns, Chelsea somehow finds time to engage in many hobbies—ranging from creating stunning visual art, reading, tabletop gaming, and sampling the local fare. 

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Ever since I was a kid I have been interested in the ocean. My love for the watery depths got its start with a coffee table book full of beautiful photography of sea creatures and coral reefs and was nourished by a childhood vacation to Hawaii where I encountered plenty of ocean life and breath taking views into the blue. Now I visit aquariums any chance I get and am always down for a beach trip.