David Littlefield

David Littlefield

Founder & Chairman

The man who started it all 40 years ago. More importantly, the man who demanded the agency continue to evolve to always stay relevant as the world changed. Major shifts that David initiated over the years include the addition of Planning & Insights, the transition from Traditional to Digital, the importance of Social and Content Creation, the emphasis on Analytics, and so many more. This philosophy of ever-evolving has not only helped the agency thrive for 40 years, but has ensured our clients—both big and small—continue to grow year after year after year.

As if heading up an agency doesn’t keep him busy enough, David can be spotted after work cruising around—in his prized 1986 Jeep CJ-7, of course—to any number of the advisory boards or philanthropic programs he is involved with throughout the Tulsa community.

David Littlefield Card
What’s on my card?

That is my 1986 Jeep CJ-7.  It was the last year they made that model before moving on to the Wrangler series. The CJ-7 (and its brother, the CJ-5) was the vehicle that helped win World War II. For me it represents the storied traditions that built America, and it brings out the kid in me who still likes to drive around with the top off.