Julie Evans

Julie Evans

Manager, Finance & HR

Smart. Dedicated. Likeable. Those are the three words that perfectly sum up what Julie brings to Littlefield. They’re also important words that make her a perfect match for her job at Littlefield, Manager of Finance and HR. And while smart and dedicated are obvious must-haves when it comes to an ultra-smooth and easy billing process with clients, don’t overlook how important likability can be from an HR perspective—with 25+ employees to keep happy, motivated, and ready to give their best to our clients each and every day.

Another plus she brings to the agency, according to at least 8 others at Littlefield, was the Orange Power she inherited when she graduated from Oklahoma State University over 14 years ago (cue the booing from OU fans). That said, even the OU fans have to admit it’s great to have Julie at the agency.

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Peaches remind me of summer and my childhood. My grandmother would always make the best homemade peach ice cream. Nothing says happiness like a bowl of peach ice cream on a beautiful summer day.