Sarah Ketner

Sarah Ketner

Director, Billing and Administration

Ever the consummate professional, Sarah’s grace in dealing with some of the more technical features of running an advertising agency shows itself daily, and her tasks evolve on a regular basis. But, most importantly, she handles a large portion of the agency billing, and can usually be found at her desk, swimming through an ocean of paperwork that ultimately ensuring our invoices are sent, bills are paid, and those of us who put in a few hours a week around the agency get home with a paycheck. Needless to say, this is yet another reason why Sarah is one of our favorite people.

What's more, Sarah's laughter can be heard regularly ringing throughout the Littlefield halls, and her always high-spirited attitude makes her a bit of a celebrity around the office as we all look forward to the “Fun Time with Sarah” portions of our monthly staff meetings.

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