BOK Financial

One Message Moving The Needle For Many Different Target Audiences.

With BOK Financial, we weren’t just advertising one brand, we were advertising seven different brand names in seven different states—Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Furthermore, BOK Financial had four very different lines of business: retail, wealth management, commercial, and small business. The challenge was: how do you find one singular message that works for all audiences and for all seven different bank brands?


The main outcome of our discovery process isn’t finding the differences for target audiences and such; it’s finding the similarities. And for the BOK Financial brands, the discovery revealed that the target members who would find the brand most appealing were those who were focused on long-term financial goals but still wanted to enjoy “today.” They were coined “Fiscally-Fit Marathoners” and made up around 50% of the population. But they were also defined by their mindset, not just their demographics. Our media group dug deep to find where we could best connect with this target, and the tagline Long Live Your Money was developed and launched for all seven brands.

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