Lauren Corbut

Lauren Corbut

Account Planner

Corbut joins the team after an extensive scholastic career, with two degrees—in journalism and sociology—from Texas State University, and is on the home stretch of finishing her Masters in journalism from Harvard University. She tops this record with an equally impressive professional career, working across the country in broadcast news, serving stations in Washington, D.C., Dallas, Atlanta and Tulsa.

With this background, Corbut has mastered the art of understanding people as well as organizational behavior. Paired with her research and managerial knowledge, Corbut has a hefty skillset to unpack at the agency where she leads the account management department in conducting consumer, market and brand research to gather insights that guide strategy for the agency’s clients.

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I chose a pineapple because it is a symbol of Southern Hospitality. I always aim to be polite, warm, charming and giving to everyone I meet - characteristics that define Southern Hospitality.